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Basics of Responsible Artificial Intelligence


This course is sponsored by the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute, making it free for you and your team!

Engage with real-world examples, and discover how intertwined our lives and artificial intelligence have become.

Learn the difference between responsible AI, which improves everyone’s lives, and irresponsible AI, which negatively impacts the lives of others.

Explore AI headlines, articles, and scenarios from around the world. See where artificial intelligence has succeeded and where it has put lives in danger.

What You'll Learn

  • Discover AI myths and facts
  • Learn frameworks for AI identification
  • Understand irresponsible AI
  • Solve a real-world AI scenario
  • Explore AI terminology
  • And more... 

Additional Info

  • Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute is non-profit organization committed to a world with trustworthy, safe, and fair technology.
  • With decades of combined experience, RAI helps individuals, groups, or corporations enhance their AI knowledge.


  • Learn on your schedule. Anytime. Anywhere. 
  • Engage with interactive puzzles, games, and quizzes.
  • Get it wrong? It’s okay. Explore and discover.  
  • Instant support. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.  
  • Bite-sized content for proven and efficient learning, that’s fun!  

More Details

Average Duration: 15 minutes
Language: English
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Certification: Digital & Printable