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Skills for Work: Instructor Edition

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The Skills for Work: Instructor Edition is designed specifically for Colleges, Universities, and non-profit instructors to assign individual student licenses, with access to all 18 Skills for Work online courses.

By purchasing the Skills for Work Instructor Edition, you confirm that you are a teacher or administrator at a registered College, University or Non-Profit. 

Your continued access to Skills for Work is subject to verification of the above.


Created by AWES, this set of eighteen online courses supports instructors delivering English language learning for the workplace through skill-building activities in the following areas:

  • Workplace essential skills
  • Language proficiency and workplace vocabulary development
  • Cultural differences in the workplace

These courses will help you teach workplace skills that are transferable to any workplace. Your students will build skills using authentic workplace tasks and interactive quizzes.


  • Purchases - one purchase provides 10 student licenses (includes 18 courses per student license). 
  • Student Management - assign licenses to specific students by email. They signup for an account, and are ready to go!
  • Add more licenses - use the same email address from your original purchase to instantly add more licenses to your account.
  • Documentation - includes additional documents and assessments (PDF).

18 Interactive Courses

  • Using Tables Locate and complete information in text, lists, and tables
  • Following Instructions – Understand and follow simple instructions
  • Filling in forms – Complete forms and applications
  • Using Signs and Symbols – Read and understand signs and symbols
  • Using Diagrams and Drawings - Understand diagrams and drawings
  • Completing checklists – Understand and complete a safety inspection checklist
  • Finding Information Quickly - Use document tools to locate information quickly and accurately
  • Checking for Understanding – Confirm and communicate your understanding
  • Organizing Information – Organize and itemize required information
  • Finding Information Quickly – Use headings and key words to find information quickly
  • Using Key Expressions to Show You Understand – Use expressions to communicate when you don’t understand
  • Communicating Using Shift Reports – Complete a detailed shift report
  • Interpreting Unfamiliar Forms at Work – Interpret unfamiliar workplace forms
  • Paraphrasing to Show You Understand – Paraphrase key expressions to show you understand
  • Keeping Records: Logbooks – Fill in logbooks with a complete set of information
  • Navigating Complex Documents - Use strategies to predict the meanings of words you don’t know
  • Identifying, Reporting, and Refusing Unsafe Work – Describe safety hazards and refuse unsafe work
  • Completing Reports – Complete incident reports


  • Learn on your schedule. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Engage with interactive puzzles, games, and quizzes.
  • End user support.
  • Bite-sized content for proven and efficient learning, that’s fun!

Instructional Details

Average Duration: 45 minutes per course
Language: English
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Certification: Digital & Printable